Welcome to Corazón Yoga!

Corazón Yoga is the life work of JennyO., a yogini who is committed to sharing yoga with a broad and diverse audience throughout Austin and creating yoga communities where they don’t already exist. She teaches various styles of yoga, meditation, and healing sound across the city of Austin, Texas. In addition to public classes and private sessions (in either English or Spanish), Jenny O. is also the founder of CarryOM, an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to bringing the practice and teachings of yoga to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience its transformational benefits.

Special Offerings Just for You

I’m so excited to offer Sangha: Community with JennyO 

This is an online community always of you, by you, for you. Harmony in unity as that’s what Sangha is really about. “Still together while Apart”.

I have put together a selection of offerings just for you. Learn more about my offerings.


Journey Women presents a half-day retreat for Women by Women

Journey Women presents a half-day retreat for Women by Women.

Spring is a time for renewal, and I feel the call to come together. To name and reclaim the power of Women together in a half-day retreat.

 Rajeshwari will be joining me again this year as we dive into Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology,  an ancient Indian science, explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth.

Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. It gives us a great insight into what might be around the bend for us and how to align moving forward. The stars, planets, days of the week all have their own energy, color, and vibration. We will explore all of these concepts and combine them with yoga, sound, and creativity. You will tap into your imagination and inner knowing to create your own Mandala to take home. This Mandala will represent our experience and, most importantly, how to move forward in a New Way. The day will end with a sound bath, so you feel balanced, relaxed, and rejuvenated. 

This Retreat is open to students of all levels. 

You can participate either in-person or online. Attendance is capped at 14. 
In-person price is $95, Virtual is $45. 

In-person participants will receive a gift bag with pencils, paint, a paintbrush, a blank canvas, an informational card describing the Mandala’s functions, a Mandala to color, and a unique Journey Women tote bag. 

Virtual participants will receive Mandalas electronically to print at home before the Retreat. Virtual attendees will need to provide their own art supplies. 

The Writing Barn over 7 acres of beauty. Plenty of room for social distancing, lots of circulation, and airflow. Wide-open outdoor spaces for us to wander and create. We will all continue to adhere to Covid prevention best practices. Masks will be worn until you reach your mat and anytime you step off your mat. Masks are optional when on your mat practicing. Outdoors, we will practice social distancing or mask up. We will take temperatures, sanitize hands and provide disinfectant wipes as needed. The Writing Barn is following all CDC sanitation guidelines.

What to Bring:

A yoga mat
Any yoga props that support your practice: blanket, bolster or strap. 
Refillable water bottle
Sweater or shawl if you run cold. 

Tea and water will be provided
Coming… 300 hour Teacher Training that will be lead by me with guest teachers. This will be a modular training, you can do the entire 300 hours to complete a 500 hour course. You can take them if you simply want to deepen your practice. The first course will be an Introduction to Ayurveda coming in August 2021. If you would like more info please email me at jennyo@corazonyoga.com

A Meditation Just for You

I am creating a Youtube channel where you will have unlimited access to meditations including Yoga Nidra a iRest, and other musings. Here’s a taste of what is to come. Take a few minutes and enjoy the complimentary meditation below.

Join me in an 8-minute meditation among the trees & big blue sky.