Yoga Therapy

Simple tools for taking charge of your health

When yoga practice is precisely tailored to your needs, results can happen quickly and efficiently. Yoga Therapy is complementary to other healthcare modalities and enhances healing. It is especially useful for managing the stress and emotional ramifications of chronic illness, recent or upcoming surgery, cancer diagnosis, addiction recovery and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and PSTD. 

Yoga Therapy uses skillful combinations of movement, breathwork, and mindfulness, coupled with goal-setting, habit exploration, and lifestyle change to relieve pain, suffering, and rediscover balance.

Yoga Therapy Packages create the ideal conditions for healing to occur and give you concrete tools and daily practices for cultivating gratitude and self-compassion.

  • Move through long-standing injuries and conditions.
  • Transform and cultivate insight into your deepest motivations.
  • Evolve your daily habits, routines, and the lens through which you view life.
  • Release attachments that weigh you down physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituality.

Yoga Therapy manages and reduces the symptoms of dis-ease and helps resolve a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • back pain
  • digestion issues
  • sleep
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • injury recovery 

Transcending Trauma, Challenging Emotions & Lifes Transitions

  • Have you experienced trauma in its many forms and now suffer from trauma-based issues? 
  • Are you working with challenging feelings, such as anxiety and depression? 
  • Do you find yourself continually feeling frazzled, ungrounded, unable to relax or, unexpectedly triggered?
  • Is it a season of transition in your life, such as a career change, job loss, marriage, divorce, or the loss of a child or parent?

Yoga Therapy supports the processing of trauma, is a useful adjunct to talk therapy. More and more studies are showing that Yoga Therapy is an effective intervention for those who suffer.

Yoga Therapy returns you to the experience of being grounded and present in your body. It offers present moment awareness, mindfulness, calmness, clarity, and the ability to manage your thoughts. 

 It can change your life.

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