Work with JennyO

Yoga Therapy is an intensely personal and individualized experience and adapted along one of 3 classic yoga therapy pathways, Cikitsā, Raksana and Šiksena. Based on your goals and needs, we select elements from all 3 paths to create a practice that works with your unique physical condition, emotional states, attitudes, dietary and behavioral patterns, lifestyle, and to optimize your health and healing.


BLOOM yoga therapy, the path of Cikitsā, creates balance and health during illness or times of injury. We work together to heal structural injuries, acute and chronic health conditions, including mental health challenges and eliminate accompanying suffering.


Nourish | Jenny Orona

NOURISH yoga therapy, also known as Rakṣaṇa, protects you from the adverse effects of stress and increases energy during times of depletion. Wise yogis understood the challenges of work, family obligations, raising children, and caring for aging parents. This work builds stamina, endurance, and energy to effectively meet the challenges of everyday modern life.


FLOURISH yoga therapy, based on the path of Śikṣaṇa, is a path of profound transformation and personal growth, the unearthing and examining of deep-rooted patterns, thoughts, and behaviors. 

Based on your aspirations, we weave the inner practices of yoga, meditation, mantra, Yoga Nidra, and Shamanic experiences to increase positive emotions, engagement, interest, purpose, optimism, resilience, and vitality.


New client introductory special

Includes a  90-minute assessment and initial session with a 60-minute follow-up session scheduled within 2 weeks.

A $225 investment.

Continuing Growth

Multiple sessions allow you ample time to develop a personalized yoga and meditation practice, as well as health-supportive routines and lifestyle practices. Time between sessions allows you to fully integrate the work.

Sessions & Packages

30 minute Session is $45

3 session package is $315

Single sessions with Jenny are $110 per 60-minute session.

A 5 session package is $500

A 10 session package is $950