Tucker Drew Hestor

Its a boy… a beautiful baby boy that I dreamed of once before. He was a long time coming but he is in really good hands now, Audrey my niece and her husband Jason are going to love and cherish that little boy every day of his life. It as great to be there with Audrey. She was absolutely beautiful even in that hospital gown!

Tucker was so sweet and tiny as I held him when he was only 2 hours old, he smelled so sweet and I spoke his first words of Spanish to him! He is just as beautiful and sweet as him mom was when I held her in my arms the first day she came home from the hospital, she was always such a good sweet baby! I have been around Audrey her entire life, she is just like a daughter to me.

I was with them two days prior to the birth, it was a scheduled c-section and everyone came through with flying colors. We stayed up talking late into the night, wondering who Tucker would like, and humoring Jason into thinking he had a choice in what Tuckers name would be…as if. Audrey had that one planned long ago.

Cant wait to see that little one grow… I plan on being around with him just as I was with his mom! Congratulations Audrey and Jason!