Only in San Antonio


Ah San Antonio…
Its nice to know some things are still the same, like the Alamo. I remember that smell, but it seems so much smaller then when I went with my family at age 7 in my cowgirl outfit and red felt hat.

Kevin and I went there to celebrate his birthday and it was lovely. We stayed at the Havana Hotel and walked the lazy river and were total tourists. We saw a wonderful Exhibit on the Virgin of Guadalupe and all the names that she is known by. We talked, ate, walked and drank. It was so nice to get away, even though it was only an hour away it felt like another world. And of course no trip to SA is complete without a trip to the Market and Mi Terra!!

I found this great poster… Only in San Antonio. It took me back to the days when me and my siblings would make Cascarones for Easter. It was quite the assembly line. My dad would take a board and drive nails into the board to hold the empty egg shells upside down while we painted them. My job, since I was the youngest was to “cut” the confetti, yes with crepe paper and scissors. I think it was my moms way to keep me out of the way. But I was focused in my duty to make the most colorful confetti.

Sat Nam Yoga Sisters

Its 3:00am on the morning of my 53rd birthday… and I have no doubt whatsoever about why I am awake. I am on my way to chant with my “sisters,”, a group of incredible women who have made a choice to chant and share this ambrosial hour with me! It was fantastic and so cleansing to have the rain with us this morning. To be able to hear the thunder and smell the rain was such a treat and a great birthday present.

Today’s meditation was Laya Yoga Meditation. Laya refers to the suspension from the ordinary world; it fixes your attention and energy on your essence and your higher consciousness, allowing you to absorb into the bliss and creativity of consciousness. It provides intuition and the power to heal.

After class, I was treated to a beautiful breakfast by my dear friends Becky and Donna. It really was a suspension from the ordinary world, with all the lovely puddles left by the rain and the drop in temperature. I must say it is a birthday I will treasure and hold dear to my heart.

Arriving home, I was greeted by Kevin, Izzie, and Mabel, all very thrilled to see me! There is something to be said about being met at the door by wagging tails and a man with a beautiful soul! What a beautiful day!!

The mantra stuck with me for the next couple of days, my intuition kicked in and I was able to “sense” my way out of some things that were milling around, things I could not really make out on my own. It’s amazing what will sort itself out when you give yourself two hours to chant. Not to mention, it will make your eyes all cool and “glowie.” 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!


Amma in Dallas

Its a birthday present, one of the best. I have been coming to Dallas to see Amma for 4 years now. I am always so excited to be in a group of like minded people…so much love and understanding. It never fails each time I get my hug from Amma I am filled with love and cry. And each year I think why do I cry? Its simple how can one person sit for up to 12 hours a day and give hug after hug, each one filled with love and compassion, she never asks for anything in return. You are welcome to give, it just seems to happen.

On this particular trip I am accompanied by Becky, Becca and Stephanie. This is Stephanie’s first trip with us, its always a fun trip with Becky and Becca! Stephanie has a friend who is in charge of setting up the main stage, I agree to go down and help, I have never been on this side of the Seva. I have always been a greeter, food server, or flower runner.  Its late but there is always energy in the building so I meet Stephanie’s friend who promptly puts me to work bringing down the ironing board and iron from our room. Does she have divine intervention from Amma how does she know I love to iron, honestly I do! So we set about ironing massive amounts of panels.

While we are headed to the back part of the room to help another devotee I see a man and his son coming toward me, mind you its about 1am by now. And there is some talk that Amma will be arriving in the building soon. So I hear the little boy say “there she is, there is Amma” I start to look around, I think wow is Amma really in the hall? Then I notice that he is looking and pointing at me!! He thinks I am Amma! Well I am floored, but never more honored in my life…his father calmly replies “not that is not her, but she has a lot of Amma in her, Amma is in all of us. WOW! I was able to see Amma coming into the building that night, stepping out of the smallest RV, really more of a van, but that vision…her in white, it never ceases to amaze and awe me!

Throughout the next couple of days I see people I know, people I have never met before and some folks that I will always remember. But its about the feeling I get when I am there…there is nothing like it. And being there with my friends. But the best thing… my gran-nephew Tucker came to visit and get his first taste of Amma!!



Tucker Drew Hestor

Its a boy… a beautiful baby boy that I dreamed of once before. He was a long time coming but he is in really good hands now, Audrey my niece and her husband Jason are going to love and cherish that little boy every day of his life. It as great to be there with Audrey. She was absolutely beautiful even in that hospital gown!

Tucker was so sweet and tiny as I held him when he was only 2 hours old, he smelled so sweet and I spoke his first words of Spanish to him! He is just as beautiful and sweet as him mom was when I held her in my arms the first day she came home from the hospital, she was always such a good sweet baby! I have been around Audrey her entire life, she is just like a daughter to me.

I was with them two days prior to the birth, it was a scheduled c-section and everyone came through with flying colors. We stayed up talking late into the night, wondering who Tucker would like, and humoring Jason into thinking he had a choice in what Tuckers name would be…as if. Audrey had that one planned long ago.

Cant wait to see that little one grow… I plan on being around with him just as I was with his mom! Congratulations Audrey and Jason!