India… a Journey of Extremes

I visited the KYM Mandiram this October for two weeks. This is the lineage of my teacher Mr. Bossart. Never have I learned so much as I did in these two weeks. Being a person that is geographically challenged and not traveling very well alone, I cannot believe I even agreed to this! But IContinue reading “India… a Journey of Extremes”

Lets see what comes…

In spanish this roughly means “lets see what comes out of this”… this was my thought as I approached Mehtab about speaking to the track of Kundalini teachers. I was teaching Meditation to the staff at Christopher House, its a Hospice facility on the east side of Austin. My life was busy with teacher training,Continue reading “Lets see what comes…”

College Station…who would have thought

January 31 is a day that will never be quite the same for me. It will be a date that will be celebrated much like my birthday or the day I graduated from college. It was the first day of Teacher Training, and I was at the head of the class! I am teaching teachers.Continue reading “College Station…who would have thought”

Christmas with our little Family

Christmas with Izzy and Mabel..our little family. Christmas has always been so big with my family, there were 7 of us and always so many more. Either relatives, friends, friends of friends or people who just dropped by. It was always know at our house that my mom and dad had an open door. IfContinue reading “Christmas with our little Family”

Tamales with 4 Generations

The “Tamalada” the most important tradition to teach the Young. Does not matter the culture, everyone has a version of this. For my Hispanic family, it involves tamales. I my opinion my mom, Martina makes the best!! But really its about spending the entire day with loved ones, sure it hard work. But the workContinue reading “Tamales with 4 Generations”