Only in San Antonio


Ah San Antonio…
Its nice to know some things are still the same, like the Alamo. I remember that smell, but it seems so much smaller then when I went with my family at age 7 in my cowgirl outfit and red felt hat.

Kevin and I went there to celebrate his birthday and it was lovely. We stayed at the Havana Hotel and walked the lazy river and were total tourists. We saw a wonderful Exhibit on the Virgin of Guadalupe and all the names that she is known by. We talked, ate, walked and drank. It was so nice to get away, even though it was only an hour away it felt like another world. And of course no trip to SA is complete without a trip to the Market and Mi Terra!!

I found this great poster… Only in San Antonio. It took me back to the days when me and my siblings would make Cascarones for Easter. It was quite the assembly line. My dad would take a board and drive nails into the board to hold the empty egg shells upside down while we painted them. My job, since I was the youngest was to “cut” the confetti, yes with crepe paper and scissors. I think it was my moms way to keep me out of the way. But I was focused in my duty to make the most colorful confetti.

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