Tamales with 4 Generations


The “Tamalada” the most important tradition to teach the Young. Does not matter the culture, everyone has a version of this. For my Hispanic family, it involves tamales. I my opinion my mom, Martina makes the best!!

But really its about spending the entire day with loved ones, sure it hard work. But the work pays off… I tell my nephews and nieces they can eat as many as you make, its the rule. Over the years they have gotten better at “making” tamales, but I am quite sure it is driven by those tasty bits of hot masa and filling. Made with all the love and good conversation you can muster. Its 10-12 hours of eating, talking, laughing, eating, working, eating… you get the picture right!

I recommend this process, whatever you call it in your culture, spend some time with family! You pass on more than just food 🙂

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