Christmas with our little Family


Christmas with Izzy and Mabel..our little family. Christmas has always been so big with my family, there were 7 of us and always so many more. Either relatives, friends, friends of friends or people who just dropped by. It was always know at our house that my mom and dad had an open door. If you were hungry or you needed a tamale fix, you headed to our house. This time of the year at our house was always filled with food, family, friends and lots of noise, all this people laughing and talking get kind of loud!

Enter Kevin… only child. I can imagine Kevin as a child, probably much the way he is now. Reserved, quick wit, big heart. I always kid him about being born 100 years old. He has that quality, that…inner stillness. I can imagine as a child he might have been intimidating to adults, in a good way. I cannot imagine that any kind of baby talk went on with him, probably conversations about the state of the world and how things worked.

So its been different for me with our little family.. Kevin, the two dogs and me. But I love this time, we hang out in our pajamas and have a leisurely breakfast and I am content with the noise the girls make when they get excited about the homemade treats that Linda (kev’s mom) makes for them! Its much quieter, and smaller, but I would not trade our time together for anything.. except maybe more time!

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