College Station…who would have thought

IMG_0637January 31 is a day that will never be quite the same for me. It will be a date that will be celebrated much like my birthday or the day I graduated from college. It was the first day of Teacher Training, and I was at the head of the class! I am teaching teachers.

Never have I felt quite so nervous, excited, weepy, scared and challenged until 6pm on that Friday. I knew I had all the knowledge, I had prepared and had so many sleepless nights I was not sure I was going to make it. But I DID!! It was wonderful. Such beautiful smiling faces looking up at me all little sponges ready to dive in and learn! I had taken the first step and I knew it was an important step. To make a Kula out of these 7 individuals.

It started to come together. I started to see excitement in their eyes, to see the “beginner mind” where everything is new and shiny. The excitement contented as we learned about Asana, Yamas and the Niyamas, and practiced for 1.5 together and concluded with a Gong Relaxation. It blew them away. Some woke with awe, others with sweet smiles of surrender and others with feelings they could not quite pin down. But it brought us all together! “Practice and all is coming”

Like Sharon said “we make a good soup”

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