Bluebonnets in College Station

I started this journey to College Station some months ago, there was all the background work that went into starting this track and the first day of class. What was I going to teach, how was I going to teach? No one told me that all my thoughts and fears from teaching my very first class would come back into play, I had stepped into my very first Yoga class again. I was taking deep breaths, asking students to close their eyes while I scoured over my notes. All that came rushing back that first night of class….

Then, as I began to teach that first class,  things were a little easier. I looked at my notes less, I started to look at the students, their breath, their movements. A dear friend told me “teach like you” sounds so simple, but there it was! Why indeed would I try to teach like someone else? I knew I had all the knowledge and if I did not there are so many brilliant teachers around me to help me find my way. Once I began to teach like “me” it fell into place.

Same thing begin to happen on the 2hr drive into College Station. I began to notice things on the drive, the lovely farm house in Dime Box, the beautiful rock house right outside Bastrop and the little antique store in Caldwell. I began to find comfort in these things, as I also began to find comfort in the 8 ladies that I was starting to know. They began to grow! Both in their body and their mind!

We had an amazing weekend of Meditation and on the way home I saw all these beautiful bluebonnets, they were everywhere! Just so lovely, I could not resist.. I had to pull over and take a picture. I also took a moment to be grateful … of what I had learned about my teaching, in turn making me a better teacher for my students. IMG_0048

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