Lets see what comes…


In spanish this roughly means “lets see what comes out of this”… this was my thought as I approached Mehtab about speaking to the track of Kundalini teachers. I was teaching Meditation to the staff at Christopher House, its a Hospice facility on the east side of Austin. My life was busy with teacher training, regular classes, home, Kevin, Izzie and Mabel and reaching out for help has never really been my strong point, I am however learning!!

I could see that the Meditation was doing wonders for the staff, and that if I did not find some sort of alternative, I would have to stop teaching at Christopher House. This is what brought me to the Kundalini teacher training class that day. I had asked if I could address the group to see if anyone had an interest in teaching Meditation. Only 30 minutes, that was going to be my selling point! Everyone has time for 30 minutes. To this date I cannot really remember exactly what I said, but 5 students were moved to contact me.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of CarryOM.org. My “passion project” I love the work we do and I am so grateful to the teachers that give so freely of their time and energy!! We provide so much good in just those 30 minutes, I am constantly amazed at the stories I hear from staff about how those 30 minutes are the best part of their day.

A ver que Sale.. see where it takes you!

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