Peacocks, they remind me of…

I was in a coffee shop (cafe Creme) on east Oltorf in Austin and saw this picture, it brought to  mind my friend Steph.  Steph has a peacock feather tattooed on her foot. I started to think about her and how I missed her, she and Cody had moved back to Jersey to be closer to family.

My curiosity for the peacock lead me to some fascinating discoveries: the peacock is a symbol of immortality, the ancients believed that the peacock had flesh that did not decay after death. Early Christian paintings and mosaics use peacock imagery, and peacock feathers can be used during Easter, as a symbol of immortality. The peacock also replaces their feathers annually, so some see the peacock as a symbol of renewal as well.

I remember my grandmother always had peacock feathers around. Growing up on the farm, my mom insisted that we have peacocks, I was fascinated by the feathers! They seemed to be alive, with their vibrant colors and texture of the feathers always felt really comforting in my hands.

My dear Steph, I miss not having you here in Austin with me, but each and every time I see a peacock or peacock feather I will always think of you!!


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