India… a Journey of Extremes


I visited the KYM Mandiram this October for two weeks. This is the lineage of my teacher Mr. Bossart. Never have I learned so much as I did in these two weeks. Being a person that is geographically challenged and not traveling very well alone, I cannot believe I even agreed to this! But I am glad that I did. This country is filled with devotion, ritual, sounds and temples. It is also filled with poverty, pollution and a distinct class separation. I felt grateful to be there, on so many levels. Grateful that I was able to afford the trip, to take from my job and to have support at home to be able to be gone for this amount of time. KYM was an oasis in the heat and the noise outside. Being there on the grounds it felt cooler and quieter than any other place in Chennai. I know it must be because of all the Mantra that takes place there and the genuine caring that everyone there shows to their fellow human. I wish I could have know Mr. Desikachar…but even not knowing him, I can imagine him walking the halls and teaching classes there.  I am also grateful to my teacher for encouraging me to make this trip. This lineage has opened my eyes to how I teach, how I look at Yoga Therapy and how I work with clients. Will I go back again… I might. Which is a far different answer that I would have given you three days into the trip.

Be well. love. light.

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